Getting to know Água d’Alma Hotel

Water (Água) is an intrinsic element of the hotel. This connection comes from its location, which is near the Lagoa de Óbidos and the Atlantic Ocean as well as the architectural features of the building where water plays a central and preponderant role. From the soul (d’Alma) evokes the ideas of gracefulness, tranquillity and peace that are strong concepts, which have accompanied the three generations of the family who runs the hotel. 

Água d’Alma Hotel is located in the west coast of Portugal, which is also known as the silver coast, in the town Foz do Arelho near the Lagoa de Óbidos. It is a small town 8 km from the city Caldas da Rainha and 12 km from the medieval town Óbidos.

The town Foz do Arelho was conferred with two natural and unique features: the sea with a beach that has an extensive shore and a lagoon, which is calm and invigorating, and surrounded by a tranquil and breath-taking landscape.

Água d’Alma Hotel offers comfort and well-being in a friendly atmosphere that is ideal for whomever is looking for tranquillity during their holiday or work stays.

At the hotel guests can relax with a drink at the bar, which has a fish aquarium, watch the news and the sports events on sports channels or surf on the Internet. The bar has a terrace with outdoor seating where you can observe the Lagoa de Óbidos.

The prices applied vary according to the low or high seasons and include buffet breakfast from 07:30 am to 11:30 am.

The nearest motorway is 5 km from the hotel, A8, and it connects Lisbon to Leiria.

The hotel’s history dates back to the 60’s when Nazaré Piedade Figueiredo founded it with the name “Pensão Nazaré”. After it was enlarged by her son Artur Filipe Figueiredo Domingues and his wife Maria Alice Mondim Domingues and in the 80’s it changed its name to “Residencial Penedo Furado” and, later on, “Hotel Penedo Furado”.

Nowadays it is on its third generation and the building has been completely renovated by Ana Paula Mondim Domingues. Água d’Alma Hotel cherishes many inherited values from the family’s first generation.

Room types

9 Superior

15 Standard

6 Family


Open to the public every day.

Events with our partners.

Activities and Services

Activities in the Local Area

Windsurfing, kite surfing, catamaran, kayaking, sup / paddle boarding, wakeboarding, water skiing, tennis, indoor karting, surfing lesson with transportation included.

Services in the Local Area

Água d’Alma Hotel is located in the centre of the town Foz do Arelho, near the main services and only 900 metres from the Lagoa de Óbidos.

At 20 metres distance from the hotel you can find:
A bank with an ATM, the church, supermarkets, cafés, pizzerias, restaurants and bars.

At 50 metres distance:
Pharmacy, bakery and patisserie and massage parlour.

At 100 metres distance:
Stationer’s, tobacconist’s and grillroom

At 900 metres distance:
· many restaurants with fresh fish and delicacies from the Lagoa de Óbidos;
· many bars with outdoor seating with the view of the ocean and lagoon.
· the sailing school Escola de Vela da Lagoa.