P2 – Óbidos, Caldas da Rainha and Atlantic Road

Distance / Altimetry: 44.8 km / 556 m D +

Notes: Total asphalt route | Medium difficulty | Circular

Points of interest:
· Penedo Furado de Foz do Arelho
· Óbidos Lagoon
· Óbidos village
· Sanctuary of Senhor Jesus da Pedra
· Queen syrup
· São Martinho do Porto
· Boavista viewpoint
· Foz do Arelho viewpoint

The route starts at the hotel and continues towards the Óbidos Lagoon, going around it for 3km. Then continue to Nadadouro and continue on a secondary road to Óbidos. The route does not pass inside the village, but access is easy if the user wants to visit. Head towards Caldas da Rainha on the N8 but make a small detour later so as not to pass through the city center. Then follow a secondary road to Chão da Parada and continue until Salir do Porto. Here there is a small detour to see the bay of São Martinho do Porto. From Salir it is 7 km mostly uphill to the Serra do Bouro. Then the trail goes down to the Foz do Arelho viewpoint and returns to the hotel.